Fish ID Class | Wrasses and Parrotfish

Wrasses and parrotfish are some of the most ubiquitous fishes on any reef, and Hawai’i is no exception. Both of these groups of fishes can have very gaudy colors, and can be difficult to identify because of their dramatic changes in coloration as they mature. These groups are also well known for changing sex, most often from female to male, as they mature. Parrotfish are significant globally on tropical reefs as algae grazers, which helps maintain balance on the reef and room for new corals to grow.

In this talk, we will learn how to pick out the fishes in these groups, and become familiar with some of the specific species we have here in Hawai’i. We will learn their common names, and dip into their Hawaiian and scientific names. We will also discuss their behaviors and other interesting facts that will help expand your knowledge and appreciation of these diverse fishes.

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Event Date 06-29-2020 4:00 pm
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