Little Fire Ant Control Workshop

 If you haven't surveyed your property in the last year for little fire ants, NOW is the time! We continue to hear from many of our residents that they "look" for fire ants or that they must not have them because they haven't been stung. But LFA are so tiny as to be almost invisible, and colonies can be present for months or even years before people start getting stings - especially if you don't spend a lot of time hands-on in the vegetation around your yard. Too many people wait until they start to get stung in the house, which indicates a very entrenched and developed colony outside.
Treatment is faster, easier, and cheaper when you find the colony and start early. And treatment doesn't have to be forever. Properly timed applications of bait can get your property to zero-ant in 12-18 months, so that you can then focus your efforts on monitoring and preventing ants from coming in to prevent future infestations. 

You CAN successfully fight fire ants - visit our resources at for more info. 

Repeated stings can cause corneal cloudiness to our pets' eyes. Cats, dogs, cattle, birds, and pigs have all been reported with tropical keratopathy, a form of blindness that occurs in areas known to have fire ants.  Protect your pet - don't wait for stings.  Check for fire ants today.
Thursday October 24 - West Hawaii Civic Center 6pm
Little Fire Ant Community Forum with Hawaii Ant Lab
Saturday October 26 - Kona Public Library 10am-12pm
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Saturday November 9 - Kalopa State Park 10am
Paauilo Mauka Community Invasive Species Talk Story
Saturday November 19 - Hawaiian Paradise Park 9am
Albizia Control Workshop
Sunday November 24 - Hamakua Harvest 10am
Little Fire Ant Control Workshop

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Event Date 11-24-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date 11-24-2019 11:30 am
Location Hamakua Harvest Farmers Market

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