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A Walk into the Past with Dr. Thomas A. Jaggar

Walk back to 1912, and meet the founder of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Dr. Thomas A. Jaggar, at the edge of Kīlauea Volcano.
Dressed in period costume, Ka‘ū actor-director Dick Hershberger brings the renowned geologist to life.
At 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. Each performance is about an hour. 

Event Date 05-28-2019 10:00 am
Event End Date 05-28-2019 11:00 am
Non-Fiction Book Club

Fiction Book Club meets the Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at 6:00PM 

This group is open to everyone just show up and join in the fun. Bring an appetizer or beverage (wine is ok) to share.

Event Date 05-28-2019 6:00 pm
Event End Date 05-28-2019 7:30 pm
he Landfill Crisis in Hawai‘i: from Hopeless to Hopeful.

It may come as no surprise that many of the state’s landfills are at, or are rapidly approaching, full capacity.
A major contributor to this crisis is non-recyclable plastics and similar materials. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now roughly three times the size of...

Event Date 05-28-2019 7:00 pm
Event End Date 05-28-2019 8:45 pm
Portuguese Stone Oven Baking

The Kona Historical Society practices the traditional art of baking Portuguese bread in a large wood-fired forno, come and watch as staff and people from the community get together to talk story, roll dough, and bake it. 

This particular stone oven is a communal oven and can hold over 30 loaves of bread at a time. An oven this large needs at least 4 hours of heating time, requiring a die-hard volunteer to light the fire inside it at 6:00AM. While the oven is heating, the dough is mixed, allowed to rise, rolled into seven balls ( a lucky number for the Portuguese), and placed into pans. The coals from the fire are removed from the oven before the bread is put in, so that it is the stored heat in the stones that bakes the bread.

Between 12:30 -1:00pm is when the first batch of beautiful brown bread comes out of the oven. The loaves are sold for $8.00 and are available straight out of the oven around 1:00pm until sold out at our roadside table on a first come, first served basis. 

Event Date 05-30-2019 12:30 pm
Event End Date 05-30-2019 1:00 pm
Keiki Corner

Keiki Corner - Free Activities - May 30: Origami Folding

Event Date 05-30-2019 4:00 pm
Event End Date 05-30-2019 6:00 pm